Vote For Vets

Our veterans make tremendous sacrifices for our country. That’s why, when they get home, we do our best to honor them and help them transition back into civilian life.

In a state with high property taxes like New Jersey, where affordability can be a big challenge, our veterans’ property tax deduction is another meaningful sign of gratitude toward those who served. 

But as they get older and find themselves on a fixed income, many of our veterans choose to move to a continuing care retirement community - and even if you’ve been relying on that deduction for a long time, it vanishes into thin air the moment you make that move. That's why I sponsored Public Question Number One - to expand this tax deduction to all veterans in retirement communities - and why I believe it's so important we pass it this Election Day.

By passing this expansion of the veterans’ deduction, we can make a real difference for the men and woman who courageously served in our armed forces. We can prove that New Jersey cares about treating its veterans fairly, with honor and with dignity. And - most importantly - we can set right a wrong that’s plagued our state for decades.

This November 5th, let's #VoteForVets, and vote “Yes” on Public Question Number One to expand the veterans’ property tax deduction and make our system fairer for all of New Jersey’s veterans.

Text of Public Question 1

Do you approve amending the Constitution to allow eligible veterans to receive the value of the veterans’ property tax deduction if they reside in a continuing care retirement community? The deduction shall be provided to a continuing care retirement community, which shall pass the value of the deduction on to the eligible veterans who live there.


Will you sign?