Utility Assistance Programs

The eviction moratorium on utility shutoffs is in effect until January 1st, 2022.

We want you to be aware that the grace period ending on December 31, 2021, cannot be extended past this date. Please be advised that the moratorium may end sooner, and our office will keep you informed with any further updates.

You can check the NJ State Covid-19 Information Hub here for more information and updates on date changes as well.

Landlords may not resort to self-help eviction actions such as locking tenants out or turning off utilities under N.J.S.A. 2C:33- 11.1. If your landlord attempt to lock you out or shut off your utilities, you should contact their local police. Attached is the Attorney General's Directive to police departments with more information. 

Rental assistance programs are available. Please visit the NJ Department of Community Affairs site for the state-wide rental assistance program. Landlords are encouraged to apply to the DCA program on behalf of their tenants. There are other rental and mortgage assistance programs available or COVID-19 Housing Assistance and Housing and Legal Assistance During COVID-19.

Please be sure to consult the included income guidelines to screen yourself for each program.

It is imperative that you take advantage of the programs available in effort to get costs under control.


Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps New Jersey households pay for heating costs and certain medically necessary cooling expenses. Renters who have their heating costs included in their rent may also qualify.

To apply: https://njpoweron.org/ or call 732-982-8710

Page Assistance for Gas and Electric

The Payment Assistance for Gas and Electric (PAGE) Program provides relief on gas and electric bills for low- to moderate-income New Jersey households. Eligible applicants must have an overdue balance of at least $100 and not have $15,000 or more in liquid assets.  

To apply: https://njpoweron.org/ or call 732-982-8710

Gift of Warmth

Available only to New Jersey Natural Gas customers in Monmouth and Middlesex counties, the Gift of Warmth program is designed to help those who have exhausted all other forms of energy assistance.

To see if you qualify or for additional information about Gift of Warmth, please call 732-389-2204.


The Lifeline Utility Assistance Program is a state-funded program designed to help eligible low-income senior citizens and the disabled with their electric and natural gas utility costs. 

To apply: call 800-792-9745 or our office 732-695-3371

Universal Service Fund

The Universal Service Fund (USF) helps make energy bills more affordable for qualifying households whose annual household income is at or below 185% of the Federal Poverty Level. The program was designed so that households most in need receive the highest benefit, by using a "percentage of income" formula. Benefits appear as a credit on the household electric and/or gas bill (capped at $1,800 per year).

To apply: https://njpoweron.org/ or call 732-982-8710


NJ SHARES is a non-profit organization that provides assistance to income-eligible New Jersey households for paying their energy, telephone, broadband (internet), and water bills. 

To apply: www.njshares.org. or 732-695-3371

Lifeline (Federal Telephone Assistance Program)

The federal Lifeline telephone assistance program provides a discount on your monthly telephone bill. Eligibility for the program is determined based on participation in any of the following programs: Supplemental Security Income, Medicaid, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Federal Public Housing Assistance (Section 8), Federal Veterans Pension, or Federal Veterans Survivors Pension. You may also qualify based upon your income level (below 135% of the Federal Poverty Line). 

For more information, please contact your local telephone service provider for residential and broadband service:

Verizon New Jersey1-888-337-3339 (NJSHARES) or click: NJSHARES

CenturyLink/United Telephone Company of New Jersey – 1-800-201-4099 – www.centurylink.com/Pages/Support/LifeLine

Warwick Valley Telephone Company1-800-952-7642

For wireless service, please contact these providers:

Tracfone1-800-977-3768 - www.safelink.com

Virgin Mobile1-888-898-4888 - www.assurancewireless.com

Comfort Partners

Comfort Partners is an energy saving and education program that directly installs energy savings measures FREE of charge for qualified low-income customers. 

To apply: 1-800-915-8309 or visit www.njcleanenergy.com/CP (electric or gas heat only) to learn more.

If your family is currently behind on utility payments, or if your household is having difficulty paying the bills, we hope that this offers an opportunity to make your utility bill more affordable for you and your family.

Thank you for the opportunity to continue serving you as your state legislators. Please give us a call at 732-695-3371 if you have any questions.