Sen. Gopal Blasts 101.5 Host for Crass Remarks on Fallen Officer

Senator Vin Gopal blasted 101.5 radio host Judi Franco over callous remarks made about a fallen police officer and legislation relating to the cause of his passing.

Franco’s opinion piece, entitled “NJ’s Move-Over Law: Dead Cops Make Bad Laws,” inaccurately portrayed New Jersey’s “Move-Over Law” as a kneejerk response to the passing of Trooper Marc Castellano, who was struck by a passing vehicle while at a traffic stop. The original Move-Over Law was signed by Governor Christie 18 months before the incident and passing of Trooper Castellano.

Senator Gopal blasted Franco’s remarks: “The lack of common sense and common decency displayed by New Jersey 101.5 host Judi Franco has surpassed even my lowest of expectations. To use the loss of a brave State Police Officer as click bait in order to prove her misguided opinions trivializes the tragic death of Marc Castellano. ‘A dead cop is sad,’ is how she trivializes this law - this is disgraceful and disgusting. 101.5 owes all of law enforcement an apology. If this bi-partisan bill saves the life of one law enforcement professional, it is well worth it.”