Sen. Gopal Bill Would Promote Joint Contracts

In an effort to implement responsible spending and reduce property taxes, Senator Vin Gopal introduced legislation that would allow municipalities and boards of education to jointly contract for certain group insurance benefits for their employees.

The bill (S2899) would provide these municipal bodies with increased flexibility to allow them to work together to lower costs. This savings would, ultimately, be passed on to residents in the form of decreased property tax rates.

“Consolidation and shared services have been central to my approach to lowering property taxes here in New Jersey,” said Senator Vin Gopal.

“There is no reason for municipal governments and boards of education to have separate health plans for their employees. By allowing these entities to pursue joint contracts, our municipalities can incur significant savings which will ultimately lower property tax rates for our overtaxed residents. We need to implement creative cost-saving measures to make New Jersey affordable for every family. This piece of legislation is a strong start.”