Gopal Sponsors Bill to Fund Planned Parenthood

Legislation (S-4103) co-sponsored by Senator Vin Gopal, which would provide a supplemental appropriation of $9.5 million to the Department of Health for health care providers withdrawing from the federal Title X program, was introduced in the Senate yesterday.

Planned Parenthood announced that is has withdrawn from the Title X program after the 9th circuit ruled that the Trump-Pence administration’s ‘gag rule’ can take effect while litigation proceeds. The so-called gag rule establishes that Title X recipients cannot provide abortion referrals if they are to receive the federal funding.

There are roughly 120 clinics that provide publicly supported contraceptive services in New Jersey and 45 of these receive Title X funding. These 45 providers served 110,000 patients in 2018, 77,000 (70%) by 22 Planned Parenthood centers.

“I’m proud that New Jersey is standing with Planned Parenthood and every other clinic in our state who works so hard to provide women’s healthcare and other core services,” said Senator Gopal (D-Monmouth). “Now, it’s the Legislature’s turn to step in and make sure that Planned Parenthood can continue the critical work they do for women across our state each and every day.”