Gopal Bill Celebrating Portuguese-American Hero Signed Into Law

OCEAN TOWNSHIP - Paying tribute to one of the most famous privates of the Revolutionary War, Senator Vin Gopal released the following statement on his legislation (SJR-101) to designate March 15 of each year as “Peter Francisco Day” in New Jersey, which was signed into law Friday by Governor Phil Murphy.

“I'm proud to see the passage of this important legislation celebrating the valor of this American hero,” said Senator Gopal.

“Peter Francisco’s courage in battle was a mark of his dedication to his new country and his steadfast belief in the power of the newborn American Dream. With this legislation, our state will continue to honor his impressive and patriotic legacy for the many years to come.”

Known as a giant of a man, Francisco, a man of Portuguese descent, stood at six feet, six inches tall, approximately one foot taller than the average man at the time. His strength and size gained him much notoriety during the war, and his courageous nature led to incredible stories of his life, some impossible to verify, being told and retold for many generations.

Francisco fought through several battles while sustaining injuries, and he made daring escapes from seemingly impossible situations. His contributions have already been recognized by other states, and it is fitting for New Jersey to recognize them as well.