Sen. Gopal Bill to Revitalize Fort Monmouth Signed Into Law


On Friday, August 17 Governor Phil Murphy signed into law a bill introduced by Senator Vin Gopal to distribute additional liquor licenses to the three host communities surrounding Fort Monmouth.

The bill  (S2498) allows for the issuance of 12 additional licenses to properties in Fort Monmouth, which comprises Tinton Falls, Oceanport, and Eatontown. Tinton Falls will receive two additional licenses; Oceanport will receive four licenses; and Eatontown will receive six additional licenses.

“This legislation is vital for the economic success of the region,” said Senator Gopal.  

“The area has suffered since the military’s departure from Fort Monmouth and this legislation will help spur economic growth in the district. Revitalizing Monmouth County is one of our key objectives and the introduction of additional liquor licenses in this area is a key step in achieving that goal. The licenses will attract restaurateurs, which will draw new customers into the area and in turn, attract new businesses and development. The potential for this is area is limitless and I look forward to the future of the Fort Monmouth area.”

The special licenses would be issued only to an entity that has completed the mandatory conceptual review process required under the Fort Monmouth Reuse and Redevelopment Plan.