Gopal Works to Protect Residents’ Safety, Privacy

As personal drones continue to grow in popularity, Senator Vin Gopal is working to ensure the privacy and safety of his constituents.

On Monday, December 17, Senator Gopal introduced his bill (S3318) to amend current law to clarify that the crimes of invasion of privacy and trespassing include the use of drones.

“After speaking to a number of concerned constituents, I became extremely concerned about the privacy and safety of New Jersey residents,” said Senator Vin Gopal.

“Residents can easily purchase and outfit a drone with recording equipment. The accessibility of this equipment causes concern. While I am confident that the average drone user is not utilizing this equipment to violate anyone’s privacy, it is important that we protect our residents against the small minority who may feel tempted to misuse their drone.”

In addition to including the use of drones in crimes of invasion of privacy and trespassing, the bill also works to protect individuals who use drones in legitimate means, including commercial or educational purposes in a manner consistent with applicable Federal Aviation Administration rules, exemptions, or other authorizations.

“This bill works to protect the privacy of our residents while working with businesses owners and educational programs that need to utilize this equipment. Drones can be extremely beneficial when in the right hands. What we are concerned with is preventing drones from being used to violate the rights of our residents when they do happen to fall in the wrong hands,” said Senator Gopal.